Selling Copper For Scrap? How To Find The Best Buyers

When recycling copper for profit, you want to get the most out of your investment and time. After all, it takes a lot of work and effort to acquire enough scrap copper to recycle or sell to copper buyers, even though this is a profitable metal to have.

Unlike scrap aluminum or steel, you have to tear apart appliances and plumbing parts to really get to the copper items that have better value. Failure to separate the copper from the rest of the metals you recycle can cost you potential profit, so you have to work harder to acquire the beautiful metal. Here are ways you can find the best copper buyers so you get the most value for your investment and you aren't having your time wasted with buyers who don't understand the scrap value you have.

Look for experienced buyers who are interested in scrap

The more you look for niche buyers when it comes to recycling your copper, the better your selling experience can be. Scrap copper buyers know the current exact value of copper so they know the competitive prices to offer for large amounts of scrap. They're also keen on being able to spot pure and superior copper from smaller and less desirable pieces. This means your copper hauls can be given more respect by the buyers you approach, and you can get more profit from your efforts as a result.

You can look in recycling forums to locate copper buyers or ask gold buyers in your area if they can give you a referral to copper buyers. Some scrap gold buyers also buy copper, so keep this in mind when you're selling your copper as well.

Look for a recycling plant that takes scrap copper

Sometimes it's fine to use the services of a larger company to sell your copper. If you only have smaller bits of scrap copper from your larger steel or aluminum scrap collection, you can simply get a profit from the copper remnants by using the same recycling plant for your copper as you do for your larger metal collection. You'll get a different quote for copper scrap value every time you take a load in, as copper prices fluctuate just like other precious metals do.

When you pick the right copper buyers for your needs, you increase your profits and make collecting copper even more enjoyable. The right copper buyers will be able to pay you competitively for the items you bring in.

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