Common Profit-Busting Copper Scrapping Mistakes

When you started copper scrapping, your goal was to make some extra money. However, the problem is that you've been far less successful than you expected. If this scenario is true of your situation, it might not be that scrapping is not a good idea, but instead that you aren't going about the process correctly. Learn some of the common reasons why people don't make money scrapping.


It's essential that you always sort your materials before you take them to any site. Recycling sites have set prices for each type of metal and to determine how much you earn, they multiply the set price by the weight of your load. 

If your materials are not sorted, your fee will be assessed based on the cheapest metals you have on hand, even if you have plenty of copper pieces in the mix. Always sort your metals so that you get the fair value for each piece. A quick lesson on metal grading can help you with this goal. 

Market Fluctuations

Don't simply show up to the recycling site without performing research, especially when it comes to the current market cost. The cost of copper is not always the same. Recycling centers operate off of supply and demand factors. When the demand for copper is on the rise, but the supply is on the decline, you can earn more for your metal. 

When supply is up and demand is down, the opposite scenario is true. The problem you've experienced could be the result of you recycling at the wrong time. If you're not in a hurry, study the market and when you see the value start to climb up, you will know it's a good time to recycle your materials. 


You might not see the profits you'd hoped for if you aren't taking the time to prepare your copper materials. Recycling centers see a mass of metal pieces on any given day. The easier it is for them to process the metal pieces the better. 

The problem is that when they have to breakdown and separate the metal, it increases their processing time and costs involved with the process. Unfortunately, this increase in their expenses is passed onto you. The best thing you can do to protect your earnings is to prepare all your copper loads or any other materials for that matter. 

The best way to improve your chances of making money from your efforts is to avoid all of these mistakes. Make sure you do plenty of research to ensure you are choosing the best plan for your needs to increase your potential for great profits. Contact a buyer, such as Dabal & Sons Inc, for more help.

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