4 Unique Basement Finishing Ideas That Will Help Protect You From Water Damage

The basement of your home is an area that may be prone to water damage. This can be due to old waterproofing that is failing or it can be due to common causes like condensation. No matter what the cause is of your basement waterproofing problems, you will want solutions that will help prevent costly water damage repairs. There are some things that you can do when it is time to finish your basement to protect against water damage, such as using water resistant materials. Here are some basement finishing ideas that will help you keep the damage out of your basement:

1. Using Brick Or Stone As The Finish For Exterior Foundation Walls

If you have an older home, the exterior foundation walls may be old brick or stone work. You may want to consider leaving these materials for the interior finish. If the masonry is damaged, you can have the mortar redone or do a tuckpointing method to restore it. For newer homes, you may want to consider a masonry finish for walls to give them more of a classic look.

2. Use Acid Stained Concrete For A Unique Flooring Design That Is Waterproof

Choosing the right type of flooring for your basement can be a difficult choice to make. You may want to choose from different materials like tile and vinyl. You can also use the concrete floor with an acid stain to give your basement floors a custom look. Acid staining can be used to give floors that look of tile, stone and even wood.

3. Use Vinyl And Other Waterproof Materials To Finish Interior Walls In The Basement

The interior walls of your basement can be another problem that you will have to face when it comes time to finish it. You may want to consider alternatives to drywall to finish the interior walls in your basement. This can be things like vinyl wall finishes. If you want drywall for certain custom finishes, vinyl can be installed on half the wall and chair molding used to separate it from the upper drywall finish. This can be a good solution for features like custom ceilings.

4. Use Composite Lumber Materials For Trim And Custom Woodwork In Your Basement

You may also want to consider using composite materials for the trim in your basement. Today, many of the trim materials used in homes often come in composite lumber. They can be used to trim around doors, for floor boards and chair moldings. This can prevent problems with wood trim and humidity in your basement.

These are some basement finishing ideas that will help save you from water damage problems. If you need help with respiring your basement and protecting it from water damage, contact demolition service to help remove damaged materials and prepare for restoration. You may also want to consider recycling some of the materials for extra cash to pave for repairs.

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