3 Items You Can Start Recycling Right Away

Recycling items around your home that you don't need or want is a great way to save the planet a little at a time. You probably have a ton of items sitting around that you throw into your regular garbage every day. However, those items could be put to much better use if you just recycle them and allow them to be used to make other products. The last thing anyone wants to do is pollute the ozone layer and cause the landfills to become overcrowded. To help do your part, here are a few key items that you can start recycling today.  

Junk Mail and Envelopes

Everyone gets junk mail. It seems like you cannot escape it. However, you can put it to good use by recycling it. Put a box by your front door. When you come in from getting your mail, throw all of your junk mail into it. When full, you can simply recycle it and put it to good use making other items. Beyond just the junk mail, you can also toss the envelopes that contain your normal bills in there. If you pay your bills online, throw the envelopes that come with your bills in there as well.


All homes have some form of cardboard in them. Whether it be toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, cereal boxes or any other type of cardboard. Essentially, you need to take the cardboard and flatten it down until it is as flat as you can get it. Bundle it up and put it to the side for your recycling center to take care of for you on recycling day.

Plastic and Paper Plates

Regardless of whether you use plastic cups and paper plates once a week or once a day, all of those items can be recycled as well. Rinse the cups out if possible and put them aside in a separate container for you to take out on recycling day. The items can be recycled into plates and other goods, thus reducing waste.

By taking the time to recycle the three things above, you are doing your part to give back to the planet. It only takes a minute of your time to start recycling, but the benefits will extend far beyond that for everyone around you. Contact your local recycling center (such as Industrial Services Inc) to find out their specific rules and requirements for how to package your items that you want to recycle.

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