How To Use Recycling To Meet Your School's Fundraising Goals

Every school year brings with it the need to raise money. Whether it is for the class trip or sports equipment, the amount of candy and wrapping paper being sold by students can be overwhelming. Instead of choosing a traditional sales fundraiser, opt for something that helps students actively work to help the environment while earning money for their school. Here are a few ways to take advantage of a recycling fundraiser to help meet your goals.

Schedule A Meeting With Your Local Recycling Plant

You may be able to arrange your fundraiser with a local recycling plant, such as Main Street Fibers. Discuss times where the students can drop off their recycled bottles, cans and paper, and see if the plant can arrange a tour so everyone can learn more about how the recycling process works. Ask the plant manager if they can arrange to match some of the funds you raise as part of a community outreach program, and be sure to remind the manager that donations may be tax deductible.

Create And Place Recycling Bins Throughout The School

Invest in several large plastic garbage bags and have your students paint them to designate which types of recyclable items go in each container. This part of the project can be a lot of fun if you encourage everyone to add an artistic, personal touch to each container. Check to see if the school district will let you place some recycling containers in the district offices as well so everyone can participate.

Encourage Participation At Home

Have your students collect recyclables at home and arrange with the recycling plant to let parents drop off items for your recycling fundraiser. This will encourage kids to bring what they have learned about recycling and apply it to life at home as well as at school. Consider giving an award to the person who turns in the most materials for the fundraiser.

Arrange For Dropoff

You'll want to drop off your paper, can and bottle recycling at least twice per week, as they can pile up pretty quickly in the school. Once the drive is over, have the recycling plant tally your earnings and any matching funds. With everyone's involvement at school and at home, your students can meet their fundraising goals and learn more about helping the environment.

Remember, your recycling program can last well after the fundraiser is over. Encourage your kids to keep at it, and consider turning in future loads of recycling in for cash you can use to reward your students.

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