A Better Way To Handle Commercial Trash

The U.S. collects approximately 236 million tons of garbage each year from municipal solid wastes. The cost to taxpayers for the collection and disposal of this great amount of trash comes in at about $57 billion for the year. Included in the cost is the price for fuel, your location, and the availability of landfills and the level of competition in your area for the collection of garbage. Across the country, this could end up costing your business anywhere from $900 to well over $3000 for the year.

So if the thought of garbage is bugging you out, for more than its immense impact on the environment, here are a few suggestions on how new processes of commercial trash removal and dispensing could help to save you some money.

Collect it when you call

Part of the cost for commercial garbage collection comes from the number of times the garbage is collected from your business place (hence the fuel cost). If you are also in an under-populated area, this also can work against you in the fuel department and drive the charges up. Well, there's a solution for that. This solution involves arranging with garbage contractors so that your garbage is picked up when you need it to be, not necessarily on a weekly scheduled.

When the disposal container if full, it is possible to find the closest hauler in your area, through the use of an application, to pick up your garbage. A sensor attached to the container can also alert the garbage haulers of when the garbage needs to be removed. The trash can usually be gone in a matter of hours and saves money for both your company and the garbage haulers through reduced fuel costs from fewer pick-ups. 

Re-evaluate your needs

As your business grows or downsizes, one of the areas you also need to evaluate is the size and location of your waste disposal containers and recycling bins. These can be easily overlooked but can waste money if they no longer serve the needs of the increased or decreased numbers of employees or the level of manufacturing that is now taking place in that location. Re-evaluating can help to save you money in the number of trips that the garbage collectors have to make or the number of containers that they have to service.

Consistent checking and adjustments of your garbage disposal and recycling needs may be able to save you as much as 35 to 60 percent of your annual expenditure for garbage disposal. Re-evaluating can also mean a regular examination of your garbage service provider, to ensure that you are getting the best service for your money. 

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